One of the primary instruments used by bands that consist of dumb, toothless, morons from the hills aka hillbillys. Usually accompanied by the jug and spoons as well as the single, clothes-wire, washtub bass.
Jethro is one badass washboard player. He taught hisself.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
Top Definition
Sexy, lean, six pack tummy.
Omg, lookie dat washboard...
by BabyMoo January 17, 2006
A word that means the female chest is flat or smallishly pointed like that of a washboard. Commenly used to insults in the anime world. Other then that, it is used to washing clothes upon.
Anime Guy: Why would I like you? You have a washboard for a chest.
Anime Girl: *Smack*
Anime Guy: *Flies toward the sun*
by Animeluver February 29, 2008
a board you wash stuff on.
I wash my clothes on a washboard.
by JOHNSON II October 16, 2003
a cover-up term for having sex
Steve: dude what happened last night

Tim: dude i washboarded this girl so hard in the bathroom
Steve: sweet call next time so we can washboard her

Taylor: this guy tried to washboard me last night but his penis was too small
Kelly: aww that sucks

Anna: why are breathing heavy
Jake: im washboarding this girl
by WashboardedChick March 25, 2011
a variation of scratching your testicles, where you grab the the bottom of your sac and stretch it downwards while scratching in an up and down motion with the other hand
the pinch and roll didn't get rid of my itch so i had to do the washboard
by 666_tower May 03, 2009
A girl who frequently participates in unfavorable acts most commonly of a sexual or annoyingly girly manner.
Guy #1: Victoria is back with Chet, and they are about to watch Jersey Shore.

Guy#2: What a washboard.
by Battz March 26, 2010
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