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TO use as a language in front of woman or guys, or as a way of saying: nice, done deal, high five, right on, approve, way to go man, she is fine, or as a cheer to others.

found by Sir Charles, Manuel, Anthony, Roger, Travis(walking bear) and Moses Clearfield UT 2001
Example #1
Larry: Friends this is O'felia
O'felia: hey guys
Friend #1 Hello
Friend #2: Washa.
Larry: Washa, Washa

Example #2
Jr: yo 2 o'clock (A beautiful at 2 o'clock)
by Dr. Sir Charles October 25, 2007
A word used by young people residing in the New York Stae. The true meaning of this word is unknown excpet that it conveys heavy emotional context when used properly.
Person: I am going to kill you CS!
by Yamato Magna March 15, 2004
A filler word frequently used in New Mexico by (typically curly-haired) residents of Italian descent. Used to express extreme hunger.
Philip: Are you hungry?
Margaret: Washaaaa!
Philip: Wanna go grab a bit to eat?
Margaret: Washaaaa!
by Monkey2008 September 02, 2008
I am a psycho. Said in responce to a question or request when someone is going crazy.
Emily: Hey Evan, could I borrow a piece of paper?
Evan: WASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Evan April 13, 2005
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