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WASH--Other wise known as Waitstaff and Service Hipster.

Hipsters who work as Bartenders, waiters/waitresses, in coffee shops, and sometimes at record adn video stores.
That WASH over there isn't very happy. Tip well or she will give us crap service next time.
by coffeegal2010 June 26, 2007
2 15
n. Accidentally inhaled bits of product when smoking substances via a screenless implement.
v. The process of accidental inhalation of bits of product when smoking.

Pronounced like rash or gash or hash.
Careful with that glass piece or you may get w'ashed.

Dude, i think i inhaled 3 or 4 chunks of w'ash on that hit!
by Dj Shuffle August 29, 2006
10 24
when the water in your toot splashes you in the face and gets you wet, but you're already too stoned to notice.
scott got washed with his toot water, i laughed a lot
by bum March 18, 2004
4 33

You can use this on your friends who are being evil. It works :) They don't know what you are talking about !!
Man!! She is such a wash!!!
by Kellie May 10, 2004
6 42