n, former husband due to divorce, death or something else.
He was my husband, but thanks to his wandering penis, now he's my wasband.
by littlewoz May 17, 2012
a womans divorced husband after the divorce is finalized
EEwwww! I divorced that asshole Claude, so he's my wasband!
by yaskalmon December 06, 2009
An ex-husband
"Hey, that's a really nice bracelet."
"Thanks, it was the last birthday present I got from my wasband."
by chickdamebroad July 31, 2009
The name for the man to whom you are still legally married, but from whom you have separated; an estranged husband. A way to reference the SOB without using the word "husband."
"So, are you and your husband working through the divorce on good terms?"
"That's WASband to you, and no, he still sucks."
by Gladileft December 18, 2011
A man a woman was married to but isn't anymore (combination of WAS and husBAND).
I am so over my wasband, finally.
by sbrushfan July 24, 2010
I just ran into my wasband. He's now fat and lost all his hair! Glad I divorced him in time.
by Talking Princess April 21, 2009
An ex-husband.
my wasband is such an ass.
by Tess593 November 01, 2008
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