A man a woman was married to but isn't anymore (combination of WAS and husBAND).
I am so over my wasband, finally.
by sbrushfan July 24, 2010
Top Definition
A former husband. Someone you were married to formerly and are now divorced from. Denotes merely a descriptive term. Can often connote fondness when in the right context.
"S" is my wasband. Now, I'm married to "Q". He's my "Is-band".
by Evie Weinstein January 06, 2008

Former husband.

Antonym: ISband
"My WASband was addicted to online porn and hookers, so I had to ditch the motherfucker."
by Maven April 15, 2004
an ex-husband
I'd love to go out for drinks, but I have to deal with my idiot wasband tonight.
by Ken Bergenham October 08, 2003
1. the person who WAS your husBAND.
2. what you call the father of your children because you feel terribly bad crossing him out ("ex") every time you speak of him in front of the kids.
3. how you snidely introduce your new boyfriend to your ex-husband.
4. the HAS BEEN of a HUSBAND
5. your baby's daddy
"Damn, my wasband tried to hook-up with me again today as I tried to drop off the kids."

"Mike, this is my new lover, Jason. Jason, this is my wasband."
by kallisto concoctions June 20, 2009
Ex husband from a divorce. Was your husband = wasband.
My wasband and I are both attending my daughter's back to school nite next week.
by Harshmistress September 18, 2009
A man that was once married.
My wasband was a realy piece of shit.
by fooh444 March 08, 2004
Former husband.
My current husband is nothing like my wasband; he is kind, considerate, generous, and would not THINK of cheating on me. My wasband was a real deadbeat. I don't know what I was thinking when I married him.
by Was-wife September 12, 2009
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