Watkins Ass Syndrome (pronounced WAZ) is when your ass stick out abnormally further than usual. When sitting on a chair your bum will not fit on the chair
Ere he got a gurt biggun of a WAS there, casn't sit on that chair
by nerrrr February 27, 2008
WAS - Worth a squirt
Billy Bob - Mate shes well fit

Freddy - Yeah shes was
WAS (pronouced either W A S or Wass) is the abbreviation for the name of the indie rock group We Are Scientists.
guy 1: Hey man, did you know WAS is playing a show on friday?
guy 2: you know i wouldn't miss a we are scientists concert.
by lucycigarette March 29, 2011
Pronouced "wass" or, phonetically, "was"; it is an acronym for the much-loved practice of Whacky Anal Sex.
They had W.A.S. in every room of the house, then the stairs.
by Lord Parsley October 30, 2007
A-ass hole
Usually pertained by a young women named Liz and resembles an ass hole of an Asian prostitute or young female of any age between 4 and 7.
Yo Jake, you realize Liz has w.a.s.? Yeah dude its kinda gross.
by loose but hole October 16, 2011
Is a abbreviation of "Whack As Shit."
Yo, that man is W.A.S.!
by 281 February 06, 2004
Wild Animal Sex
Did you see the WAS on animal planet last night?
by Liz November 10, 2003

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