'Wait a Sec' or 'Wait a Second', abbreviated for use in chatrooms, email or text meassages
WAS, she actually said that?!?
by vibi October 16, 2008
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This word has now replaced the usage and meaning of the word "were" since dumb retards can't speak proper english and feel the need to sound cool.

"We was walking down the street and we got jumped"
"we was down 1 and won the game"

It's WERE you retards.
by correctifieddefinitivator September 24, 2006
past tense of "is"
he was walking down the street
by Connotator May 11, 2005
Stands for Wide Ass Syndrome. A genetic syndrome that causes the subject to have an enlarged posterior.
D! Look! Those chicks have a bad case of W.A.S.!!
by Annnonymous January 26, 2007
Stands for What a Slut
There was this girl that got caught giving a blowjob to some prick in the bathroom, WAS
by adfhaowhf December 23, 2009
Abbreviation for What a Shame
Guy1-yesterday i went 40-0 in counter strike man
Guy2-nice job man
Guy1-yea i used hacks
by Cody Morgan April 03, 2008
German for what, pronounced "vas"
(20:37:57) (+DeinMutter) ICH WILL FICKEN
(20:38:01) (@Jerry) was
by BombBomb May 26, 2003

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