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The leader of the TRIO on the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 6). After attempted to kill Buffy and having her defeat him he goes to her backyard with a gun. He shoots Buffy and then as he goes running off he shoots a bullet into the window of Willow's room, sadly killing Tara Maclay. This brought out the dark side of powerful Wicca Willow Rosenberg (Tara's girlfriend) and she hunts down Warren tortures him and kills him by skinning him.
Warren Meers: "You think you could just do that to me? That I'd let you get away with it! Think again.
(whips out a gun and shoots)

A: did you watch buffy last night?
B: yes, omg i can't believe tara died.
A: I KNOW! that S.O.B Warren!
B: Good thing Willow kills him!
by confused.chica November 27, 2007
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