A usually fat woman that is always getting fucked. A variety of crew slut
Sally is a real war pig , she went home with Hemo last night.
by Lakenheath February 26, 2006
A very fat woman. A warpig may have attractive features that are disguised by excessive loads of woman.
The girl brought along her warpig friend.
by VanWilder March 06, 2007
(noun) Is a practice girl or guy that is really ugly or just for quick peace
man just war pig that girl man who cares shes not that ugly.
by roui February 29, 2008
a cockgobbler who sucks sharpies big hairy balls
warpig thinks he can irc
by luvthepig September 30, 2010
We are a group of bikers that will soon take to the roads leaving nothing but dirt. Listening to the radio. Just being a bunch of bad asses. Our symbol is a pig with tusks wearing sun glasses riding a motor cycle.
You are part of the War Pigs
by MarcWarPig April 21, 2009
An Unwanted or Illegitimate Baby or Child. The illegitimate children of War. An archaic word used by the British "Upper Classes to describe children that were sired in a War situation, usually between a man of the "Officer Class" and a Prostitute. I have heard it used as "Da Da's Warpig" , meaning "Fathers illegitimate child". Warpigs were often consigned to a hellish life, subjected to horrendous discipline practices and were often driven deliberately mad. See also "Royal Blood".
Queen Victoria's Warpig half sister was consigned to a life of obscurity in the country as she was an embarrassment to all around her.
by Huey Tank December 01, 2014

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