A fat chick with a mustache. Can also be a disgusting dyke.
#fat #hairy #ugly #disgusting #dyke #filthy #dirty #filth #dirt #scum #lesbian #mustache #obese #smelly #shit #seadonkey #overweight
by diss January 09, 2007
unnatractive person(s), generally of the female variety, who wears way too much makeup (warpaint) and resemble, audially, visually and phsically a herd of porkers
1- look a tribe of war pigs at the bar
2- your girl is a war pig
#warpig #swamp donkey #swamp cunt #munter #smashpig
by Libertine91 November 18, 2009
An Unwanted or Illegitimate Baby or Child. The illegitimate children of War. An archaic word used by the British "Upper Classes to describe children that were sired in a War situation, usually between a man of the "Officer Class" and a Prostitute. I have heard it used as "Da Da's Warpig" , meaning "Fathers illegitimate child". Warpigs were often consigned to a hellish life, subjected to horrendous discipline practices and were often driven deliberately mad. See also "Royal Blood".
Queen Victoria's Warpig half sister was consigned to a life of obscurity in the country as she was an embarrassment to all around her.
#royal blood #illegitimate #unwanted child #discipline #upper classes
by Huey Tank December 01, 2014
"War Pigs" is a song by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath. It is the opening track from their 1970 album Paranoid.


An army of hell spawn demons, which slightly resemble domesticated farm pigs. They are being made in secret by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
David: Hey dude I started listening to some Black Sabbath again, Paranoid is a great album.

John: yeah my favourite track is War Pigs, it sounds sick.

Tony Abbott is engineering an army of hell spawn demons, in a high security secret room which is located underneath the Australian parliament building, this top secret operation is code named "War Pigs". They will one day be released in great numbers, devastating and killing off a large portion of the peoples around the world.
#music #black sabbath #war pigs #tony abbott #hell #spawn #demons #australian #parliament
by WiiRemonteVictim March 22, 2014
(noun). A game in which you and your friends try to fuck the ugliest bitch you can find and whoever bags the nastiest bitch wins. (typically played when drunk and/or high)
Ryan: Chris is so fucked up, every time we go out all he wants to do is play warpigs.

Dima: Yeah I know, everynight that ass brings back the nastiest slapper I have ever seen.
by Moses April 07, 2005
A very ugly girl that usually has a face like a pumpkin with a rotund lower body that is excessive in every way shape and form.
Tommy laid pipe to a warpig that kept screaming about green apples. Then asked if that fat bitch had left yet... talking to her.
#war #pig #warpig #ug #fug #piggy #uggo
by Atmosphere April 19, 2007
Warpig. also see bitch ass sloppy hoe.

Noun* A warpig is generally looked at as an overweight slut, typically one who would offer her services to as many guys as she could. (ie getting railed by the football team after a loss). She is an outcast and considered a loner. One liked only by someone of her kind. Usaually suffers from manic depression, and yeast infections. Usual life expectancy on a "warpig" is 36 yrs.

Adj* Act of overwhelming, stomach churning slutness.

Warpig. A fat, ugly hoe approaches you in a bar and thinks she can get in your pants...when infact, you'd rather heave yourself over a bridge than peer into her fat, sloppy, grilled cheese sandwich.
#ditchpig #hoe #slut #obese #deathwish
by SteveGriff August 02, 2008
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