the warped tour used to be a place, where as a young punk i used to go to get my ass schooled by older people and enjoy true punk music with a handfull of miscreants who abused the title of punk, but unfortunately now the entire lineup of the warped tour seems to be a bunch of bands who appeal to suicidal pre self actualized children who cry to their sorry excuse dfor punk noise while their parents plan their ivy league education, it is a fuckin shame...
by Field March 02, 2006
This phrase functions as an adjective when describing a girl who is just so fucking "Warped Tour." When a girl wears To Write Love on Her Arms tee shirts everyday and shops hardcore at Urban Outfitters, she qualifies as a "Warped Tour."
"Dude, Kerri is like so fuckin' Warped Tour..."


"Yea dude she's like so HXC and all that shit. Look at that 'To Write Love on Her Arms' tee shirt she's rocking..."

by That Guy 65 February 10, 2009
Best place to mosh with your fellows-in-arms to AFI, the best band in the world! I can't wait for summer!
I broke my arm when Davey Havok landed on me after he jumped off the stage, but it is the greatest honor on earth to be physically hurt by the lead singer for the greatest band on earth!
by Rowan Mraz Bleeds Black Forever November 03, 2003
AKA Pepsi presents "Punk Fest"
"Hey! Lets pay 30 bucks to go to the warped tour and see a bunch of half descent bands play half hour sets and pay 10 bucks for small bottles of water!"
by Crimpteen March 12, 2006
A tour that used to be punk rock. Now, the line up is awful and a disgrace to the punk scene.
Dude, what's with all these kids wearing tight jeans and faux hawks? What has happened to the Warped Tour?!?!?!?!?
by regs June 10, 2005
a collection of some of the worst "bands" in the music industry
guy: dude!(brushes back hair) did you go to the warped tour?

me: naw. homey don't play that.
by clevelandsteamer August 04, 2005
A giant emo/screamo/ska/indie fest where lonely kids can come and dance like retards and spray each other with their wrist blood. Many people know about Warped Tour, but many think nothing of it. Emo is NOT punk, it is it's own genre. That's why all the little emo boys and girls go because they can feel so wanted there, as they are not in real life.
Kid: "Where are all the emo kids today?"

Kid 2: "Oh yeah, Warped tour is today."

Kid: "Oh good, now we can have a normal day at school."
by Bunker28 November 12, 2007

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