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A mythical creature resembling a mixture of a unicorn and rhinoceros. The warnicorn possesses the powerful charge of the rhino and the grace and elegance of the unicorn. It is the swiftest beast on land and can only be caught by the best of men. He who can use enough cunning to catch the warnicorn can take one hair from its golden tail. This hair, when strung in a bow, can defeat an entire army with one shot of an arrow.
Mike: I think rhinos are the fiercest animal in the world.

Jen: I disagree. Haven't you ever heard of the Warnicorn?

Mike: Warnicorn?

Jen: It's like a rhino, but better. And like a unicorn, but better. I invented it, so it's not shocking that you've never heard of it.
by MikeIsGonnaBeButtHurt July 07, 2011

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