To get head while playing Call of Duty.
As I was playing Call of Duty, she was giving me awesome Warhead.
#war-head #war head #head #bj #blowjob
by Warhead1337 November 18, 2009
Top Definition
super sour candy that come in assorted flavors
:Black Cherry
:and Blue Raspberry

A candy that kills the teeth/cheeks due to the sourness... even before eating them...
I think the lemon warheads are most sour! just thinking of eating one makes my teeth hurt!!!

Butch: My cheeks hurt!!
Cassidy: Your cheeks hurt? I'm the one eating the warheads!!!
Butch: I can taste them now.
Cassidy: Do you want one?
Butch: No!!! My cheeks hurt already!!!
#kills #warheads #sour #cheeks #super
by tigerqueen2190 November 08, 2009
A vary aggressive blowjob.
Dude she gave me a Warhead.
She said Warhead I said when?
That was the worst Warhead ever.
#blowjob #handjob #rimjob #johnjob #buttjuice.
by uber_monkey October 02, 2005
Really fucking sour candy that rots your teeth and makes you regret eating them if you eat too many

3: Teeth start to hurt
5: Tounge starts hurting and you cant eat anything requiring you to chew
10: Tounge is cut and possibly bleeding

25: Breathe wrong and your tounge will hurt
40: Only way to eat more warheads is with a fuckton of painkillers
50: Abandon hope all ye who enter
100+: ...
#death #sour #blood #suicide #regret
by jjr51802 November 07, 2013
A spliff with a massive head.
Oi fam draw dis warhead quick time.
#zoot #spliff #warhead #marijuana #rizla
by gabzc December 24, 2008
A person who's obsessed with war. Warheads are often video game nerds or teenagers.
Usually own a collection of all kinds of army surplus/weapons and such.

However, the term can also be used to describe a soldier who's eager to fight.
"Go fuck yourself, warhead"

"Dude, that guy's a total warhead!"

#warhead #war #combat #killing #fighting
by Rider of Thunder October 07, 2008
A spliff, weed,wacky backy, marajuana, green, ganga
Oh man I've had a long day,gunna roll a war head and chill,can't wait for the first toke!
#spliff #weed #toke #bunn #green
by wing wah June 27, 2009
A Vagina, that upon tasting, is very acidic, sour, and/or smelly, and not to be enjoyed by anyone. It will almost make you want to give up vagina's for good.
A: Dude i finally hooked up with that linda chick

B: Holy shit dude how was it?

A: I dunno man, i went down on her and her warhead almost rotted my fucking teeth.

B: Damn
#smelly vag #rotten core #beaver #muff #stink finger #glory hole
by B.K. Jawnskies July 08, 2009
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