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A man's testicles. Used in Anthony Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange"
"Give it to him in the warbles if he's got any"
by Arunas July 11, 2008
5 4
It's like diddling for dick-sucking.

When a girl does something amazing to your cock with her mouth. Her tongue starts at the base of your shaft and works its way to a twirling motion around the head.
Steph warbled the the shit outta my dick last night.
by King of Merlopolis January 26, 2010
25 11
Any sound a whale makes with its baleen.
The warble from the whale caused the krill to swim with fear.
by unclescrooge March 08, 2010
12 0
Flaccid extra fat or skin that hangs from the upper portion of an obese woman's arm.
Whenever Helen waves her droopy warble jiggles!
by weezy87 July 18, 2013
2 0
the urethra of the penis
My warble burns when I urinate
by Anonymous November 15, 2002
3 40