Slang for Warner Robins, Georgia. A relatively small town but growing located just south of Macon Mac-Town. High School sports are the main attraction as in many small southern towns. Robins Air Force Base employs a large number of the town's citizens. Rap and Hip-Hop has grown in popularity and the recent Atlanta influence of the genre brings credibility to many of the local area artists.
I've been all over the world, but Wartown is where I call home.
by Daqueba August 10, 2006
The name probably coined by some local rap radio station for the town of Warner Robins, GA. Contrary to what everyone thinks, giving a town a catchy, cool name still doesn't change the fact that the town sucks.
person: you going back to wartown this weekend?
me: fuck no.
by tmoney. October 31, 2005
The Crunkest the tighest the hardest city in the USA. Better than Decatur.
Them War town boys run shit.
by Professor Random March 15, 2003
The urban-name for a centrally located town in Georgia. Warner Robins, the dervied definition, is the location of the begining of the word. Other versions of the word are Mac-Town (Macon, Ga).
Ay Cuz, You going to the Wartown this weekend?

Yea, I'l Be There...
by Northside March 31, 2007
boring-ass town with little fine honeys and a small population of Asians !!!
Any Fine Honeys in War Town?
by AsianTim November 14, 2009
a reference to a small town in The United States (Warrenton, VA). It is also the city in which the War-town Wankstas formed.
-Where are you from?

by T-(KERB)stomp March 12, 2008
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