An adjective used to describe someone who appears vague or delirious. This may be through sleep deprivation, drug use, boredom or an innate, genetic wappiness.
Person 1: What the hell's wrong with that girl? She just garbled some nonsense then walked into a tree.

Person 2: Oh, Helen? She's a bit wappy this morning after staying up all night watching Spongebob and eating mini cheddars with James.
by heckzecutive December 03, 2012
Top Definition
1. Crazy, frantic and unpredictable
2. Angry in frenetic fashion
1. Argh! The computer just went wappy
2. Dave went wappy at me after I trod on his toe
by Bob of Bob March 15, 2004
a line of cocaine
let's do a huge wappy and get high as f*&!
by jgw899 May 25, 2009
A British word meaning flimsy or bendy, used to describe large pieces of material like metal or wood. It can also be used for food like cake that has become soggy and floppy (so that it dips in the middle).

It comes from the sound made when large sheets of metal are shaken, so that parts of the sheet turn inside out and make a strange wobbly noise.
1. Be careful carrying drinks on that large tray; it's very wappy.
2. I added too much water to my cake, and now it's gone a bit wappy.
by turgoman July 11, 2010
Suffolk dialect for a somebody rather slow and thick.
Them wappy in the tot-tots.
by quoin_of_the_realm September 27, 2009
(Flacid, limp, flabby) and wet
spaghetti is wappy
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
something cool, interesting, eyecatching
e.g. That lamburghini diablo is wappy :D
by Jackie_Ell April 13, 2006
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