the offspring of a highly evolved woman and an ape
I won't be shocked if the future ends up being a planet of wapes
by chitsb December 30, 2008
Top Definition
To wank and type at the same time

Derived from (wa)nk and ty(pe)
"I spend my friday evenings wapeing alone on myspace"
by Steme December 01, 2007
How a little kid says Rape
"Mama! What does Wape mean?"
by kaykayfisher1234 April 13, 2010
When someone touches their weenus to your wagina. Usually, after this process is completed, either you or the person waping you yells out, "WAPE!"
Cyndi: Yesterday, I was just walking along and Jimmy popped out of the bushes and waped me!
Paul: So what did you do?
Cyndi: I called out "WAPE!"
by Emoooo January 10, 2008
the act of rubbing a wenus(elbow skin) on any prat of anothers body, especially a crotch(armpits or between the legs). derived from the word "wenus-rape"; the "w" in wenus and the "ape" in rape.
*walking and someone rubs their elbow on your arm.
person1:dude did you see that?
person1:they totally waped me
person2:eww i know
by Afwell May 12, 2008
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