1. People who "hate" on "wapanese". 2) People who are overly judgmental of those who take a strong interest in Japan, and it's culture. Wapanese haters will chose to dislike, or prejudge someone simply because they take an interest in the foreign culture of Japan. They will call you a geek, or a nerd for attempting to learn the Japanese language, or for listening to Japanese music. 3.) Wapanese haters will insist that fans of Japanese culture know EVERYTHING about Japan before they can rightfully take interest, and will assume you're a want a be if you don't completely know the language, or if you haven't visited the country. Wapanese haters rely on a senseless logic that we must know everything there is to know about a culture to justify taking interest. Or, that taking an interest in a culture outside of your own must mean you're an outcast.

Wapanese haters believe all people who enjoy anime, or cosplay live at home with their parents and are unemployed. And while they criticize those they've labeled "Wapanese" for never having step foot in Japan, most of them have never been out of their home country, and have never taken an interest in any culture outside of that of their own. Just like any other hater they group together the worst examples and stereotype a whole group of people based off their huge egocentric opinion of themselves.
Wapanese haters fail to see there's nothing wrong with having a passionate interest in a culture other than your own.
#wapanese #cosplay #hater #stereotype #egocentric
by Sweetnyght December 13, 2007
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Top Definition
1) One who hates an individual who is Wapanese (a white who obsessives over Japanese culture).

2) An individual, typically an awesome individual, who keeps white japanese fanatics from straying away from the love of their own country. You should respect wapanese haters, and try to be a fanatic over your own country, rather than another.
Britney, a white American woman, is currently teaching herself Japanese, and is highly wishing she could live in Japan and watch anime for the rest of her life. She claims Japan is the best country, ever.

John, an American male, is telling Britney to stop being a wapanese, and to love and respect where she is living now. John is a wapanese hater, and he feels he's doing it for the greater good of America.
#wapanese #weeaboo #wapanese hater #hater #japanese #japan
by stealthh January 30, 2008
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