a quarter pound of weed
yo tony i just bought a wapa...you need a zone? - mike

yeah, only if its fire purple tho - tony
by RUdealing March 17, 2011
Top Definition
A very affectionate spanish (Continental) term to designate a beautiful woman, used particularly in electronic conversation, of equal strength and degree than its original derivative, "guapa".
Q wapa q estás
by Κασσάνδρα February 19, 2011
initially used in sms for "guapa" it has become a slang, losing real essence of word, used more as "dear or friend". So, unlike when one calls a girl "guapa", it is a compliment, when one is addressed "wapa", it is not necessarily so.
hola wapa = hola amiga =hello girl
by vvvvvvvvvvvvvvm January 11, 2009
an acronym meaning: Weak As Piss Award.

Most commonly used when defining an individual who doesn't want to participate in an event and sometimes comes up with a weak/pathetic excuse for not doing so.

Also usually defined for an individual who doesn't put in a full effort in a task.
Eg1: "Oh man, why didn't he show up tonight? He said he would, what a WAPA!"

Eg2: "Put more effort in that game dude, your playing like a WAPA out there!"
by non-wapa June 04, 2011
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