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A wannabe valley girl is a prepubescent/pubescent girl that often inserts typical "valley girl" phrases such as like, totally, totes, omg, dude, etc. into their language at random intervals in attempt to seem more feminine and girly, and more appealing to boys of the same age. Often these girls are unwitting that they are making themselves sound like valley girls, but most of the time they are, and see valley girls as epitomes of femininity. However, wannabe valley girls usually get the opposite of their task (to get hot boys and seem more girly) accomplished, and succeed in making themselves look like complete and total dumbasses.
Usually, a wannabe valley girl will mispronounce the typical valley girl words--for example, a wannabe valley girl pronounces "dude" as "dood" and in the wrong tone of voice.
They also will have a touch of emo in them (fake emo, not real emo) and are often spoiled brats that max daddy's credit card out at least 2 times per month, trying to dress "trendy" (but in reality, their "trendy" is actually trash). They are not afraid to let their brattish personalities shine through.
Wannabe valley girls often insert the word 'like' in between every word and don't sound like a "natural" valley girl.
Wannabe valley girls are extremely annoying, even more so than Original Valley Girls.
Wannabe valley girl: "Hey, like, dood, like, do you, like, totes, like, wanna go to the totes cray-cray, like, prom, with, like, me? Like, totes omg omg omg!"
Dignified guy: "No, I don't go out with dumbasses such as you, a wannabe valley girl."
Wannabe valley girl: "Wut? Dood, you, like, must, like, be, like, kidding me! Omg! Omg!"

Dignified guy: "I hope you have an effing horrible day, corrupted and annoying citizen of the modern era."

*Dignified guy exits*
Wannabe valley girl: WAAAAAAHHHHH! I am, like, SO over! I'm, like, gonna totes go, to, like, the mall and, like, buy 10, like, tons of trash clothes!!!!
Wannabe valley girl 2: ME, like, TOO!!!!! Even though, like, nothing happened, to, like, me!
by an evil monkey December 09, 2013
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