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a girl who is too unattractive to gain male attention without being a total slut, and so acts as though she is attracted to other girls so as to appear hot to men. She will go through a number of girl friends and have sex with/make out with other women in front of men, until they find a man who is attracted to them solely because of their perceived sexuality. Once the weak-minded male is completely seduced, they will suddenly change their sexual orientation to be with the man. The man, being an egotistical dumbfuck, will believe that he is so amazing that he was able to completely change her sexuality, all while being completely oblivious to the fact that he was manipulated by the "wannabe dyke" whore.
If the wannabe dyke is caught in her charade, she will claim that she is a bisexual.
Girl: Wait? You dated that skank? I thought she was a lesbian!

Guy: Nope, turns out she was just a wannabe dyke.

Girl: You might want to be tested for AIDS.
by Jenny the Homicidal Maniac January 04, 2009
A woman who can't make up her mind if she is a lesbian or not. Frequent "changing of teams", and ugly clothing are usually signs of this affliction.
My wannabe dyke neighbor dumped her "girlfriend" yesterday and now she hooked up with a dude again because he makes more money.
by nary dict October 14, 2005
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