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When you have a drunken urge to go to the toilet and defecate into your hands and use the excrement to relieve oneself with a masturbation ritual.
This is a disturb sexual pleasure which originated from Northern England.
Man1: I just had the best wank ever by using my poo as lubricant to cum into the toilet bowl.

Man2: I'm looking forward to my Friday night ritual of a wanky poo before going clubbing tonight.
by Rumball June 18, 2014
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the act of rectal stimulation causing an ejaculatory response during defication.
man1: ooo those 12 pints of guiness made my shit so hard it made me cum when i had a dump.

man2: that was a wanky poo! always something to look forward to!
by john thompson plymouth February 14, 2006

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