a stain which is on ones clothes which has been accomplished from shaking hands with the one eyed mlikman
an example of the work wankstain in a sentence is" hey you have a big wankstain on your trousers" or more violently "fuck off you wankstain"
by elliot hackney February 21, 2006
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person of such low intelligence that only a clump of dried dead sperm are a comparison
That stupid wankstain has fucked up again
by bikerspice July 10, 2003
n. Insult, mostly British. Used for foolish, dirty or vulnerable people. Derived from wank and wanker, to do with masturbating. Taken literally, a wankstain would be semen staining an item of clothing after masturbation.
1. You haven't taken a bath in weeks you wankstain!
by Gravyboy June 13, 2004
a jizz stain on clothes or furniture
Mike Carson's three shirts are full of wank stains
by L-dizzle October 24, 2004
A person who is a complete and uter twat!!
"Fuck u bill, your such a fucking wank stain!"
by clarky-05 April 09, 2005
Falls into the same category as arsewipe to be honest. Mild term of abuse for a sibling. See arsewipe.
"Oi wankstain, never douse my duvet in petrol and set it alight whilst I'm asleep underneath it again!"
by britishandworried February 03, 2005
Used as an insult.
But also a cum/semen stain.
What a wank stain
by Gspong March 16, 2003
Insult: 1.used to show annoyance at someone. some one who just wont go away no matter how hard you scrub.
'he was being such a fucking wank stain it was unbelievable'
by Daveyboy March 22, 2004

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