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A Big huge fat fuck off pile of wank, but.. in a pile.

This reminds me of martins face, at night.. whilst he sucks my big long twang under the sheets, at the same time tibbsey is plucking his pubic region.
A huge pile of wank tittys, compiled of a penguin dancing to the sound of music, especially in the atlantic, although... marten does like to smell other mens pe.nis. He also saves up wanks to make a wankpile.
by Infin1ty January 05, 2008
n. A collection of images used for masturbatory purposes. On photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, this will most publicly take the form of one user adding a picture to his/her "faves", whereupon the wankpilee will typically find their pictures amongst a pile of similar photos.
v. The act of adding a picture to your wankpile.
This picture of my new boots has just been wankpiled!
by shhexy corin December 03, 2008