UK ~ is the vestle of a single person for the purpose of wanking / masturbation / pulling one off. Although commonly male vestle, it is now common among female students too.
He doesnt have a girl friend as there is no room in his "wanking charoit"
by Ponce April 26, 2005
Top Definition
The bed of a teenager, usually raised several inched off the floor by used kleenex.
c 'ya lads, Im off to my wanking chariot to go and knock one out.
by Codiak July 31, 2003
Bed. May or may not specifically suggest the use of said bed for onanism.
I'm off to do a couple of laps in the wanking chariot.
#wank #wanking #masturbation #toss off #scratcher
by Endie July 18, 2006
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