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One who wanks; A person who masturbates multiple times in a week or day.

Wanking: Masturbating
Oh God, that track runner is a wanker? And he was WANKING whislt running?! Gross.
by The ORIGINAL Grammer Nazi May 08, 2007
1 7
1. This is person who is a complete loser.
2. A person who acts like they have no place in life....at all.
That douche is a total wanker.
by RoD_mAn January 26, 2007
2 8
1. A wholly undesirable and/or annoying person (usually male).
2. Someone who frequently masturbates or "wanks".
1. "That Paul fellow, he's a bit of a wanker."
2. "Simon, he's a wanker don't you know?"
by Mernard May 08, 2006
8 14
A wanker is always used as someone who is ineffectual or useless. It does not substitute for asshole, bastard, dickhead etc. It´s roots are in the assumtion that someone who is so useless he cannot find another human being to have sexual relations with has to have sex with himself.
Hence the term meaning to be one who masturbates frequently.
Tony Blair is always pandering to the Americans...what a wanker!

He failed his driving test again the fucking wanker!
by Mexcelt March 07, 2006
10 16
one who wanks off often
one who acts in a toolish matter
a way to name or insult another if they are a tool or fat or bothersome
look at that guy hes wanking off in the corner

i banged ur hoe last night g

by a. p. gullivar January 04, 2006
2 8
A word that is frequently shouted at me from the windows on a small boxy looking car travelling at excessive speeds and booming out crap music with four ugly wiggers inside, because i have longer than normal hair
Retard in car listening to R&B: "Oy WANKEEEEEEEEEEEER" *makes suggestive hand motions*

Me: "Fuck you" *walks on without caring*
by ScattyMatt July 06, 2005
3 9
1) One who maturbates. A british term, often used as a mild-to-mildly serious insult.

2) A person who has no idea what the hell they're talking about, but pretends to.
1) Goddammit, you little wankers, get off my lawn!

2) That Tidus is such a wanker.
by o0CrystalBlue0o July 04, 2005
6 12