Noun. British and Australian slang (vulgar). Singular form of wankers.
1. contemptible people; jerks.
2. insulting term for a masturbator, see tosser and jerk-off.
3. connotation not that masturbating itself is an insult but rather that the person called a "wanker" is so unlikeable that no one would ever be sexually interested in them so the only sexual activity they will ever be involved in is masturbation.
What a wanker!
You are a wanker.
He's or She's a wanker.
That (insert name) is such a wanker!
Don't be such a wanker.

by Evie, let your hair hang down... November 03, 2006

A person who belives it is still 1980.
A man who wears rocker clothing circ 1985 in current era and associated male/female cronies. May be found tusseling his feathered hair, calling his gf babe, hoping into his IROC, or listening to Bon Jovi.
Oh my god look at that stupid wanker.
by HAB October 24, 2006
British vulgarity:

1. One who masturbates.

2. Generic insult; interchangeable with stupid, idiot, retard, cretin etc.

Particularly useful when shouting at incompetent passers-by/drivers from your car or a distance away.
1. She caught you wanking, you wanker.

2. Shut up you wanker.
The wanker crashed my car.
Get off my bonnet you fucking Chav wankers!
by Fu Manchu June 09, 2006
(quote "anonymous"}
While "to wank" means "to masturbate", the term "wanker" is seldom if ever used in British slang to denote "one who wanks". It is quite wrong to infer from somebody's being a wanker that they in fact wank (and vice versa), but of course, fair to assume they do in any case. Herein lies the genius of the insult: if you call someone a wanker, it's probably true, but only literally.

I suppose it all originates from our repressed Victorian sexualities, from back when everybody thought they were the only ones to suffer the secret shame of being an actual wanker.
(end quote "anonymous")

Wanking = self gratification, self importance

In Australia, wankers are people who believe that they are better than you because they have a better car, wife, children, life, etc, than you.

Wankers are always "mentors" and never "proteges".
Wankers never engage in self deprecating humour.
Wankers never make mistakes.
Wankers are our superior.
Wankers tolerate our existance.
Wankers believe they are our "gods".
Wankers are "cool".hehehe
Your computer friend "Magnum One" is very self confidant, isn't he ? Yeah, he's a wanker for sure.
by ztv November 07, 2005
some1 that wank's em self.
a rude word.
I need a wank. <- this person is a wanker!
Fuck off you bloddy wanker!
by sidask8r May 12, 2005
verb: to wank noun: wanker adj: wanky
1) someone who jerks off alot
2) someone who does stupid stuff eg falling asleep at the bar, or taking home someone who's so drunk that they then go an piss in the bed
3) term of endearment
4) term of abuse
1) damn! bill's been in his room for hours! he must be having a wank
2) hahahaaaa what a wanker!
3) you daft, have a beer
4) tony blair is a complete wanker
by brit September 25, 2003
One who excessively masterbates... there lives are no more then the dream of going home and wacking off to an imaginery image of a dream girl they will never have...
also see Brian M.
by Capt Penguin n Capt Duckie August 02, 2003

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