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The british equivalent of the American term, jerkoff. Used to describe annoying, generally unpleasant people.
American: Get away from me, jerkoff!
Briton: Bugger off, wanker!
by FoxWing October 24, 2008
3 7
Sorry fellas...
Your reference to the origin of the word wanker, is incorrect. As a High School boy in Australia in 1975 the word was alive and doing fine as a regular part of school-boy parlance.
Mate, you are a wanker.
by fozzie747 September 01, 2008
16 20
First coined in the early 80’s, a wanker is one who currently resides or was born on the westbank of New Orleans, La (Gretna, Marerro, etc). Derived from it’s origin “westbank” (west of the Mississippi River), wankers are most commonly lower income, blue collar Caucasians, who typically speak with poor grammar and in loud tones. Wankers can be easily identified by a fake tan, skirts 3 sizes too small, spikey hair, and domestic cars. It is not uncommon for wankers to get married at an early age (18-25), as well as having children during that same time period. Common physical characteristics of female wankers include outfits that scream for attention but come across as desperate, heavy makeup, possibly fake breasts if they decide to use what small amount of college savings their parents have accumulated on them, and big sunglasses. In males, spiky guido hair is the most dominant characteristic, as well as poorly managed steroid abuse, extra small shirts, stud earrings, and unfashionable shoes. Wankers will often travel out of their element into the Eastbank, where they congregate at clubs such as Republic or The Venue, where for that short span of time try to feel like they fit in with the rest of New Orleans society. Places you will not find wankers include upscale restaurants, wine bars, Saks, and german car dealerships.
You wouldn't catch me dead there on a Saturday night...that place is full of wankers. I'm going to the Columns instead.

Is she really wearing that outfits? She must be a wanker.

I got really drunk last night and hooked up with this random girl at the club. She gave me her number and I was going to call her this weekend, but found out she was a wanker.
by UPT May 22, 2008
26 30
Term used to define a human with idiotic tendancies, someone who is nasty, or anyone whom you may show dislike toward.
- She stole my boyfriend.

-What a fucking wanker.
by -Esca- October 31, 2007
5 9
Noun. British and Australian slang (vulgar). Singular form of wankers.
1. contemptible people; jerks.
2. insulting term for a masturbator, see tosser and jerk-off.
3. connotation not that masturbating itself is an insult but rather that the person called a "wanker" is so unlikeable that no one would ever be sexually interested in them so the only sexual activity they will ever be involved in is masturbation.
What a wanker!
You are a wanker.
He's or She's a wanker.
That (insert name) is such a wanker!
Don't be such a wanker.

by Evie, let your hair hang down... November 03, 2006
13 17

A person who belives it is still 1980.
A man who wears rocker clothing circ 1985 in current era and associated male/female cronies. May be found tusseling his feathered hair, calling his gf babe, hoping into his IROC, or listening to Bon Jovi.
Oh my god look at that stupid wanker.
by HAB October 24, 2006
14 18
British vulgarity:

1. One who masturbates.

2. Generic insult; interchangeable with stupid, idiot, retard, cretin etc.

Particularly useful when shouting at incompetent passers-by/drivers from your car or a distance away.
1. She caught you wanking, you wanker.

2. Shut up you wanker.
The wanker crashed my car.
Get off my bonnet you fucking Chav wankers!
by Fu Manchu June 09, 2006
7 11