mouthin someone
someone who wanks (masturbates too much)
manchester united are all wankers

"where's Tom?"
"Gone for a wank"
"Another? what a wanker"
by ReDDo August 17, 2003
Sorry fellas...
Your reference to the origin of the word wanker, is incorrect. As a High School boy in Australia in 1975 the word was alive and doing fine as a regular part of school-boy parlance.
Mate, you are a wanker.
by fozzie747 September 01, 2008
verb: to wank noun: wanker adj: wanky
1) someone who jerks off alot
2) someone who does stupid stuff eg falling asleep at the bar, or taking home someone who's so drunk that they then go an piss in the bed
3) term of endearment
4) term of abuse
1) damn! bill's been in his room for hours! he must be having a wank
2) hahahaaaa what a wanker!
3) you daft, have a beer
4) tony blair is a complete wanker
by brit September 25, 2003
A bloke who constantly lies and believes he can get away with it. The trouble is he can't remember which lie he told you 5 minutes ago. And sits looking over your shoulder pointing out typing errors while you're writing this about him. And he's too stupid to know you're actually writing about him. The wanker.
Wayne (boyfriend).
by Suey September 11, 2003
A less harsh way of saying and or calling a person a Jerk off
Fuck you ya fuckin Wanker
by Robby Deisel May 31, 2009
Mr Warren
aka. the warranator
Mr Warren is such a wanker.
by Brissny November 21, 2008
The british equivalent of the American term, jerkoff. Used to describe annoying, generally unpleasant people.
American: Get away from me, jerkoff!
Briton: Bugger off, wanker!
by FoxWing October 24, 2008

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