a gay british term which shall never be used by anyone. ever.
no example. people who use the term "wanker" are not cool by any means
by US RULE! July 10, 2008
A new derogatory name for stupid white people. Not a racial slur so everyone can us it.
"Look at that wanker! He's so...WHITE!!!"
by Doughty July 20, 2004
A person who behaves or acts poorly, rude, immature and impolite. Seen as the British equivalent of dickhead
"Stop being such a wanker Jack!"
by adamwednesday December 10, 2015
A person (mostly men) who enjoys and partakes in many masturbation sessions, or "wanking".
Also used in the same sense as "asshole" or "bellend" and can mean a loser
oh look at his hair, what a wanker
by bigwangman November 09, 2015
To act like Jack Wilshere does in his general day to day living
why you being such a wanker like jack wilshere towards them fans
by Howard the psyduck June 06, 2015
Wanker is British term as an insult like fucker or idiot
Rosie: "Gregg asked me to the school dance"
Alex: "Oh my God, he's such a wanker! "
Rosie:"Seriously hot,though "
by Surjit Bonggol September 08, 2014

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