A musician who plays way too more notes than needed for the song in order to show off their technical ability. Often they will have their own instructional video and claim to have a blues influence in thier songs without having any knowledge of the blues. They sometimes destroy priceless vintage guitars by scalloping the fretboard, but often play Ibanez, Charvel, Schecter, or Steinberger
Yngwie Malsteem is a wanker
by schwerve July 16, 2008
one who is stupid, puts off doing something with you, angers you for a brief amount of time. Often used by english people and americans who think they're english.
God, Judy is such a wanker, taht's the third time i've called her, and she still won't answer.

Dan is really a wanker, he keep calling me and asking if i want to see interpol next week. Why can't he take a hint. Stupid wanker
by price check please January 23, 2005
A pathetic attempt at an insult
why you damn wanker i'll beat your arse!
by BEAVIS August 03, 2004
a very selfish person
that wanker stold my money!
by Anonymous December 08, 2002
noun. one who wanks.
smelly is such a wanker
by Rev. Captain (Jonbob) July 21, 2003
One who plays Ragnarok Online
go play ragnarok ya fuckin wanker!
by n00bz0rz July 07, 2003
Term used by lower class gents in Pittsburgh. Adopted to California slang in 1979.
by Brandon June 04, 2002

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