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While "to wank" means "to masturbate", the term "wanker" is seldom if ever used in British slang to denote "one who wanks". It is quite wrong to infer from somebody's being a wanker that they in fact wank (and vice versa), but of course, fair to assume they do in any case. Herein lies the genius of the insult: if you call someone a wanker, it's probably true, but only literally.

I suppose it all originates from our repressed Victorian sexualities, from back when everybody thought they were the only ones to suffer the secret shame of being an actual wanker.

Most children these days learn the word "wanker" long before they learn its literal meaning.
You're such a wanker.
Oh gosh! How did you know?

He lost both of his hands in a childhood kiting accident.
What a wanker!
by anonymous May 31, 2004
wank- to masterbate in a quick way
wanker is one who masterbates all the time and has no other obligations in life. If a person is a "wanker" there penis is probably a choad and they will have a high pitched voice.

a person who purchases weed at a very high price
"Yo 'dat 'bowas is a damn wanker. His choad is about as big as my big toe!"

"Hahaha i just pissed in some swag weed and sold it to 'Franlin fo like 60 bones. What a damn wanker
by James K Ellington January 19, 2006
Someone who tries to make their penis larger.
He is such a wanker! He tries does a jelq to himself to make his penis bigger....isn't that gross?
by Alotta August 05, 2005
A person who fucks. It is also the best word to end an argument to top it off.
Mum: Why dont u go and wank ur gf
Me: I already have im getting tired.
by Da Miker June 01, 2005
1. n. one who lives on the Westbank of New Orleans. Generally used as an insult. Contraction of "west" and "bank."
2. n. one who masturbates quite a bit or beyond healthy means
1. Wow, Robert, you're such a wanker. Go back to the wank.

2. Wow, look at those wanking Brits.
by Riley April 14, 2005
Wanker(s): Anyone hailing from Manchester or the surrounding areas whether they support United or City.
1.)sing. Fergie is a cunt and a wanker.

2.)pl. Those Neville brothers are a lot of fucking wanker(s).
by Go on you Arsenal! July 10, 2003
Someone who doesnt know the difference between a mode-2 ipx socket and a mode-3 ipx socket - i mean come on guys!
GOON 1 : "I think he's confused his mode 2 with his mode 3!"
GOON 2 : "What a wanker!"
GOON 1 : "hyuk! Nasal laugh, lots of slobber and slurping
GOON 2 : "Lets have gay sex"
by peda June 17, 2003
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