A very deadly disease that kills 99.9% of all gay men. Large amounts of masturbation will eventually lead to wankers cramp. Symptoms include: swollen wrists, arm hurting, swollen penis and inability to use your hand.
Guy 1: Where is Fred today?
Guy 2: He went to the hospital
Guy 1: Wankers cramp?

Guy 1: Your gay
Guy 2: You have wankers cramp
by vdragyn May 17, 2010
Top Definition
British slang:
To wank is slang for masturbating, usually understood to be carried out on a man by someone of either sex.

Wanker's cramp is laughingly used to describe any hand pain, with the understood meaning that the person with the pain often masturbates.
You say your hand hurts. You must have wanker's cramp.
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
The Most Deadly of British Diseases
Marik- Somebody call an ambulance! This limey needs urgent medical assistance! Apparently he has Wanker's Cramp.
Joey- Oh no! Bakura, speak to me!
Bakura- Wanker's Cramp: The Most Deadly of British Diseases.
by J-T-G March 21, 2009
When the Wrist or indeed Hand becomes stiff or excessively limp due to large amounts of masturbation, usually occours in ugly, single men. see also Carpolitis
"whats that cast on your Wrist Simon?, It appears that you're suffering from Wankers cramp!"
by Danofthepleasedwimmen October 13, 2006
The most deadly of all british diseases.
Person 1 : "somebody call an ambulance this limey needs urgent medical assistance apparently he has wankers cramp"
by copy_zero August 06, 2011
A condition commonly occuring in those diagnosed with RSI, (although not necessarily), in which the sufferer experiences pain or discomfort after excessive wanking.
Sean: wank me off, bitch.
Lucy: i can't, i've got wanker's cramp.
by 400 May 29, 2008
Soreness in the hand - and in particular, the wrist - brought on by excessive or inhuman levels of masturbation. Known to cause chafing and in some cases, bleeding, to the area in question.
Tom Hanks' character in Saving Private Ryan was a sufferer of Wankers cramp.
by CommieKras May 19, 2010

A painful stiffening of the muscles of the hand, characteristically caused by excessive amounts of masturbation.

Wanker's Cramp is likely the most pathetic accidental self-inflicted injury of all time, being just slightly above paper cuts from toilet paper, balsa wood splinters, and pressing the button on Bop It too vigorously.
Jim hasn't left the house for almost 5 days. It's only a manner of time before he gets Wanker's Cramp.
by IQuarent July 22, 2014
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