Feeling tired after being kept up all night having sex.
Dude, I am so tired after porking all night. I have a real wangover
by swellyeah November 25, 2009
Top Definition
you know when you smoke too much pot and you wake up the next morning feeling like shit? that's a wangover. it's a contraction of weed + hangover. the word is native to middle tennessee
man i had a killer wangover this morning.. ill never smoke pot again. not until tonight, anyway.
by jason October 23, 2004
when you can no longer perform sexually. usually after multiple orgasms. you have lost your wangitude.
I've jacked off to internet porn so much, I now have a wangover.
by lilill April 18, 2006
Post self-abuse anguish. The feeling of guilt, regret and self-loathing immediately after masturbation. Combination of 'wank' and 'hangover'.
"Oh, no, I've got such a wangover. I swear I'll never do it again!"
by 7kev7 October 25, 2007
The depressing, vapid, soul-consuming feeling of all-encompassing loss that results from sudden cessation of a long time period characterized by non-stop boning. This feeling can result from a simple case of the Mondays after spending the weekend wit yo man, to the end of a summer fling and sobering realization that you may as well cancel your waxing appointments b/c your netherparts are about to shut down for the winter like that creepy restaurant on the Goonies.
I couldn't get anything done yesterday; I had such a wangover that all I could do was putter around my apartment in a snuggie and watch lifetime movies.
by Dr. Evil 518 December 22, 2010
adj. The miserable bowel movement the morning after 10 cent wing night. The effects of which are usually amplified by the consumption of alcohol.
Man, i am regretting eating all 30 wings last night, the wangover was terrible!
by snickolas March 19, 2011
Awful stomach pains and headache resulting from ingesting too much semen the night before. Formed by conjoining the words "wang" and "hangover"
Kristen performed fellatio so many times last night that she know has a wangover.

Cori sucked so much dick last night that she has an awful wangover so eating so much cum.
by Big_Tony October 06, 2007
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