To wang someone is to slap your wang in someones face from side to side repetedly.
Mr Doody was found wanging Sean good and proper in the P.E changing rooms.
by Green Ocelot February 20, 2008
Top Definition
Financial: high volatility in price movements, highly unpredictable market movements.
These stocks are really wanging around, man.
by The Man Mountain March 03, 2010
something which smells extremely bad is said to be WANGING.
'your grans pussy was wanging last night'.
by zoltan77 May 18, 2005
good, hot as in describing objects or situations.
that shit is wanging
by Chuck A. January 23, 2007
Like "banging", in describing a female.
Dude, that chick is WANGIN'!
by Joe M. January 18, 2004
To strike or to be struck by an object generally speaking quite forcefully.
"i wanged him over the head with my shoe"
"i was out buying cigarettes when some bint with a pram wanged into me!"
by Cap'n J June 25, 2004
A mixture between hangin' and wagging.
We were wanging maths
by edmeista February 24, 2005
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