To use wang on another person.
I need to get home and give my lady a wangin'.
by Will February 21, 2005
Top Definition
comin from the east side kno t.n. means to be bumpin like system is really loud and u lettin ya self be known
mike came through the hood wangin yesterday witth 4 12s
The way people from the south bay area of San Diego say swangin.
Nigga that function was active as fuck! We was up in that bitch Wangin' !
by YoungNino August 26, 2011

Bass lines of indefinite low frequencies, vibrating the perimeter with substantial force due to universal principles related to supersonic sound fluctuations.
"Hey Fozzy that Bassnectar show last night was wangin', ((WhOmp)) ((wHoMp))."
by fozzy berry December 17, 2013
A word that can replace any word and be used in any context. Created in Kenmore, WA, the word "wangin" began spreading to other high schools and parts of the country. Experts predict that the word "wangin" will become a worldwide phenomenon in the next coming months. Variations of the word include "wang" and "wangster". Any hater of the word "wangin" is immediately frowned upon and shunned.
"May the wang be with you"
"Wanna wang this weekend?"
"You are so wangin"
"What's up wangster?"
"We are going to have a wangin race"
by Alien17 January 26, 2012
A word used to describe good music. Refers to the way one would sway his genitalia back and forth in a figure eight motion whilst the good song plays.
Dude have you heard that new 50 Cent song? -It's wanging.
by Ty-rap-osuaras rex February 24, 2009
1.n. To describe heavy rain or bad weather. Mainly used in NW England.
What's t'weather like there?
It's fuckin wangin it down!!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
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