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Walking around aimlessly looking for a good time.

Derived from combining "wandering" and "grinning" by replacing the D in wandering with a G.
After a couple shots Scotty and I had nowhere to go so we went wangerin.
by Noah Wanderson August 11, 2007

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Non-specific plans to hang out.
Loitering, hanging out, or strolling with friends, waiting for something good to happen.
From the word "wander"
(Pronounced wahn-Grrr-in)
H: What are you doing saturday?
C: I was going to wangerin the mall with Emily
H: Sounds good!

B: Man, we need to make better plans.
C: What's wrong?
B: We always end up wangerin to no end.
by Jim McKennery December 28, 2007