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the wangbanggang was a gang but after 8th grade everyone went their diffrent ways.

Ryan- turned gay and moved in with russell.

Adam- stayed with sports and did not stay down with ryan or pat.

Pat- playing lil leugue football.

Mike- have not seen him since 8/29 but i will see him in football for JV b cuz he did not go to the weightroom.

Kevin- have not seen or talk to since school ended (could be dead)

Joe- same as kevin

So all the niggers in this world are safe. but the wiggers will still die.

Anthony D.
The wangbanggang has left Akron.
by andrew August 05, 2004
the members are Adam, Mike, kevin, Joe s , Pat W, Ryan. They will crack your head open on a curb and kick your teeth in to it.


Today another nigger got beat up by the wangbanggang.
by Andrew March 16, 2004
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