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Chinese men who gang bang a woman.

I went to a party in China town and these Chinese frat boys were wang banging this broad in every hole.
by cunthound May 18, 2003
23 27
When a man has a full blown erection, and runs full speed into a wall, plastering his dick right through the drywall. Then using the hole as a masturbatory device.
A common side effect of a wangbang is infertility.
by Wade Billups March 30, 2005
63 14
Male Masturbation. A male playing with their penis.
Man 1: Justin, what's on your pants?
Man 2: Just Having some fun with myself:)
Man 1: Man, I don't need to know about your WANG BANG!!!
by name_not_known August 10, 2007
28 12
Having sex with your wang (aka penis, cock, dick).
Boy: You horny baby?

Girl: Yes.

Boy: Wanna wangbang?

Girl: Yes.
by SnubNose January 06, 2011
4 2
equivalent to a gangbang except with only asians with the last name "wang"
She wants to get wangbanged
by Poor L'il Rich June 07, 2003
8 12
When rocking out to music, one thrusts their hips back and forth making one's penis "headbang" to the music. The Harder the motions the better.
Guy: " I was holding a brownie and this awesome song came on so i Wang Banged to it."

Dude: "Awesome!"
by Glory1020 November 08, 2008
4 9
In the PC game Shadow Warrior by 3D Realms, a multiplayer deathmatch game.
I won the wangbang by 3 points against phil, lucy, steve and carroll! I love the nukes.
by Ira Jacobs October 08, 2005
5 12