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someone who has an overly obsessive addiction to rubbing another guys weiner.
roger's favorite activity is wang banging.
by Dingo Jones March 08, 2005
a wanna be gangster, who is typically white, and very much not a gangster; usually a homosexual.
when your walking down the street, minding your own business, and some white people drive by pretending to be gangsters yelling gang terms at you, you yell back and call them "WANG-BANGERS!!!"
by GDX Inc. June 30, 2010
The greatest possible pair of jubblies/breasts imaginable. A common cure for erectile dysfunction.
god I would like put my wang in her wangbangers
by bigmitch91 September 13, 2010
Most often used as a gay insult between two men, but more tasteful than fagot. Usually used in conjunction with cockthirsty.
Fred: You are such a dipshit, you know that?

Humphrey: At least I'm not a cokcthirsty wangbanger like you and your dad are.
by pootkirby March 30, 2006
For a Person Oe Group Of People To Be Involved In A Gang And Have Gay Relations With Another Gang Member.
Arnold Is A Wangbanger, I Heard He Had Sex with Jimmy.
by Black Wall-csh April 15, 2008

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