A two-bit trouble causin' monster
If you've got a pulse he'll fight you
If you've got doofer he'll phone you
If u support England he'll sing with you
If your a GUFF CUNT he'll love you
Chief's got doofer....

Chief's with his muckers at the monk's trailer smokin the wacky backy.....

His phone goes....

Fuck sake its wands, what does he want

--Slurred voice down the phone...
Aye chief, its wands, fuckin, wot the fuck, fuckin, u got any fuckin doofer ,like man. im fuckin wasted, been fightin 40 irish boys in breakers and i won
by Gav Reid, represent bitch July 22, 2004
Top Definition
A guy who is a major tool, and is also slightly metrosexual.
Chris: Dude, that kid with the popped collar just CB'ed me by talking to that chick about getting a manicure.

Jimmy: Oh my god, dude, what a wand!
by jpreston4 July 19, 2008
the male reproductive organs; penis

Syn: dick, prick, cock, schlong, hose, bird, hairy canary, leg of the duck, pecker, flounder, haddock, trouser trout, eel, scord, snake, python, lizard, dragon, lily, cucumber, etc.
Thelma: So I heard you hooked up with Jon the other night! *wink wink*

Louise: Yeah, but his wand is so huge, I've been sore for days!
by Lisette April 05, 2005
A term referring to the television remote control. Coming from the interpretation by a small child that it is in fact a magic wand.
This show sucks, toss me the wand.
by Wesuvius June 24, 2009
Weird Ass Night, Dude
Man, I got drunk with RayRay last night and she got a little too frisky. It was a W.A.N.D.!
by elatedsundown March 18, 2011
Like cankles, but with Wrists and Hands.
"Woah... look at her big ol' fat hands... they're wands if I've ever seen then!"
by RepisShredders April 20, 2010
Among other things, a wand is another name for a lacrosse stick, primarily men's laxin sticks but used by some females.
grab your wand and lets throw braw!
by Ovie=God March 06, 2008
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