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wimpy, weak or insubstantial
Why are you wearing only a wambly top on such a cold night?

Why did they promote that dude to team leader? He's such a wambly little guy.
by Douglas R S January 07, 2008
Da freshest of da fresh. Always in style, always loookin fly. NO ONE can even come close. Mad fresh and always pimpin. Picks up MILFS from librarys all da time, while eatin KFC. big spendinnn' .
Guy 1 : Man, I wish I was a Wambly.

Guy 2 : Man, Why?
Guy 1 : Dey fresh .
by vgibbz94 November 02, 2009
constantly whiny and complainy in an annoying way
Dee was being wambly because his tongue piercing got infected.
by Tim Wilkinson May 04, 2006
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