A city in Massachusetts. All the kids go to freeskate on friday nights and then go to friendly's. The town is so diverse, down at the south is were all the spanish and blacks at. Warrendale and Ceaderwood are the where all the white middle class people are. Pigeon Hill is where the white and Armenian's live and all drive around Benz's. Half of the kids are lax bro's, walking around with a snapback backwards and knee high socks with flip flops. All the ghetto girls complain of how fake everyone else is on facebook, threaten to "smack a bitch". At night all the "cool" Waltham high schooler's go drink at Petco. South side kids just walk around and play bball. Warrendale kids go down the park and play strockey on the baseketball courts.Waltham hockey kicks-ass. Waltham is a city with a lot of diversity, boring as hell most of the time.
Person 1: What part of Waltham are you from?
Person 2: Ceaderwood.
Person 2: Shit... I'm from the south side, you must be rich.
by Boopity Boop January 06, 2012
Top Definition
Waltham -N. - Home to the greatest of Bostonians, with the truest Boston accent. Home of Bentley and Brandeis. Home of Waltham the Band.
We are commonly called Walthamers, Walthamians, Walthamites, and sometimes even Hamians.
We like to sit around praise our great city and reminisce about the good days when we were actually good at something.
(the Wal-lex, Norumbega, Arbys, Steph P., among many other things)
And with having the greatest number of hotel rooms in any city outside of Boston there are plenty of possibilities.
Waltham is a big city with a small town feel.
by TK with help from JS October 01, 2005
A tough town outside Boston proper. Most of it is working class, though the southside (also called sur dub or so. wal.) is wicked rough. It's mostly a mix of Irish, African-Americans, Italians, Dominicans, Guatemalans, Haitians, Indians, Ugandans, and Chinese. On a Waltham street it's common to hear old-timer talk (hawayah=how are you?, supdood=hi, yah fuckin ritahhded ked= you're stupid, etc.), next to spanglish (eyyy que tal mang= what's up man, el dijo to me= he told me, cabron you creysee= you're crazy, etc.), next to ghetto slang. Oh and you cant forget mumbling drunkard/junkie, a favorite dialect on the southside. Locals get offered drugs a lot because its a thriving business here. Also every fucking kid in Waltham now is either a gangbanger or wants to be one so there are a growing numbers of Locs and Latin Kings. Waltham is actually just kind of a sad story because what used to be the birthplace of the American industrial revolution is turning into a broke ass shithole. And yet people here are so damn proud and won't let you for get they were "born and raised in tha ham". Rule number one in Waltham is ignoring our problems and pretending gangs,drugs, and broken homes are only in ghettos like The Dot, Roxbury, Murderpan etc.
Carlos: "My moms got fuckin jumped in Waltham last night."
Julian: "Figures my dude... they hear change in your pocket in that town and you good as dead. Fucking barrioteros."
by Buurds July 02, 2013
Waltham-n.-aka "The Ham", home of annoying Bostonians who do nothing but drink their lives away and swear the sox will bring it home again. In..."The Ham" we like to praise Waltham and reminisce about the good days when we were actually good at something.
We are all alcoholics and go to school drunk everyday.
by Nick.....with help from Dools February 24, 2005
One of THE biggest dumps in Massachusetts. Home of the scumiest, trashiest, dirtiest people you will ever meet in your entire life. The majority of its inhabitants are drunks or criminals. If you can escape the drugs and violence, get out of that waste-yard before it is too late.
If you're from Waltham than why are you sober?
by Waltham Citizen March 05, 2011
A hell-hole in Massachusetts. Drunks are too common and the school system is terrible. The few that escape the meaningless life of this town are the lucky ones who will achieve something unlike the rest of them left behind.
Home of the American Industrial Revaluation and thats all that we've done since this country was born.
by MarcusWolf April 02, 2009
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