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Four year regional public high school in Sussex County New Jersey (refer to n.\dirty jerzey). Where kids from Hardyston, Franklin, Ogdensburg and Hamburg, grades 9-12 study from a wide range of programs including potsmoking 101, fag-a-nomatry, drug dealing literature, AP dblocking, gay YELLOW VDUB auto shop, and penis graffiti visual arts. Rated one of the worst schools in the world because of its scumbag to do-good student ratio of 126:1, and most kids drop out anyway.... who cares. The schools alma matter is "when in doubt, pound it out".
JOE: " so you're from Wallkill Valley regional high school, aye?"

REESE: "yeah, i graduated with a degree in erectile engineering, and minored in fake rasta comp."
by jizzyjim57 January 16, 2012
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