refers to a group of frequent, regular, female visitors to a guy's wall on a social networking site (like Facebook) . They often flirt, comment, "like", and tag him in many posts. They are prone to making him customized profile pictures and sending him hearts and songs to gain his attention.
Her: " I see your regular collection of wall flowers have been on your wall all day, looks like 10 songs and 15 hearts posts and it is before noon"

Him: " I like having fun with them. they aren't serious. they just like to play around,"
by Tonka's plaything June 13, 2012
when a person squats against a wall and shits in such a fashion that the feces slide down the wall and come to rest slumping between the wall and floor like a rag doll.
Geoff left a big stinky wallflower at the white house after President Obama's inauguration speech.
by BEST ACID TRIP EVER! December 23, 2012
a person who does not dance at dances, but attends them
Stop being such a wallflower and dance.
by Angelique September 11, 2004
When a person commits suicide by blowing out their brains with a gun, the residule of blood/brains splatter on the wall in a shape that resembles a flower.
Kurt put the gun to his mouth, pulled the trigger, and painted a wall flower across the bathroom mirror and shower stall.
by B.M. Jay July 13, 2005
A guy/girl in the mostly early teens, that attend music shows (mostly Hardcore) and do not engage in any hardcore dancing or get into the show at all. Most of them find a remote place in the venue with a group of there friends and wont go to witness the band at all. Are usually criticized by other people attending the show for paying to sit in the corner.
dude, fuck them wallflowers back there. Why would you even come here if your going to be like that!?
by big black dude February 26, 2006
(1) A geek who stands at the edge of the dance waiting for somebody to ask them to dance but never get asked.
(2) a socially impaired person with the opposite sex.
(3) (the wallflowers or wallflowers) Rock- alternative band lead by Jakob Dylan. Popular in 1996 famous for the song "one headlight"
AB-I'm going to hitchhike to wallflower concert
by Alisa December 15, 2003
one who is attractive to gay males
but are not seen as ass rapable
look but dont touch

greg - 'im a wallflower for gay men, they find me attractive but they dont really want to ass rape me'

tom - 'greg is my wallflower but i dont see my penii inside him'

jess & lauren - 'we are women we have no say in this'
by satansthedusher September 03, 2008

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