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A person who usually goes along unnoticed and doesn't talk much. On contrary to popular belief they don't hear and know everything (some hear and know less than usual) though some do. They are usually considered loners but are actually mostly shy or introverts. Wallflowers are also usually sincere and kind-hearted people who are misunderstood, and tend to be genuinely interesting once they open up and talk to you, though you'll probably need to talk to them first.
Random jock: Dude you know Lucas? Such a wallflower, he doesn't talk to anyone, what a loser.
Guy who talks to Lucas: You're a serious dick dude, and believe it or not, Lucas is the only one who doesn't think that, he said "I'm sure there's a reason he acts like that".
Random jock: Seriously? I fell kind of bad now...
by arealwallflower January 02, 2014
Someone who is quiet,not anti social and friends do not come easy. They usually know everything going on but says nothing. Most likely always on guard because of something in the past. A wallflower are attractive to guys, but usually a turn off to girls. Favorite hobbies are mainly writing,or being outside.
by wallflower23 October 20, 2013
1) A person who has no one to dance with, or feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party.
2) Someone who remains on, or is forced to the sidelines of an activity.
"He's a wallflower, you see things, you keep quiet about them and you understand."
by ListOfPerks January 25, 2013
someone that's shy but extremely adorable and outgoing once people get to know them. They also have passion for music
Hey do you guys see that guy other there?
Yeah, does he even come here?
Yeah, he's a wallflower, you guys need to meet him!
by Sunmonn January 05, 2014
A beautiful wondrous person who sits on the sidelines of life awaiting for their glorious journey to begin, though since their to shy they wait for someone to show them the way.
Look at her, why isn't she dancing?

Because she's a wall flower awaiting for someone to invite her.
by WalllFlower27 June 05, 2014
a wall flower is a loser you see at a party who never moves and watches all the cool people dance and have fun...
" yo, tony came to the party
last night and just stood there
and never danced!! he always dose
that because he's known for being
a " wall flower " i don't even know
why he came .. "
by shes_nicole December 30, 2007
refers to a group of frequent, regular, female visitors to a guy's wall on a social networking site (like Facebook) . They often flirt, comment, "like", and tag him in many posts. They are prone to making him customized profile pictures and sending him hearts and songs to gain his attention.
Her: " I see your regular collection of wall flowers have been on your wall all day, looks like 10 songs and 15 hearts posts and it is before noon"

Him: " I like having fun with them. they aren't serious. they just like to play around,"
by Tonka's plaything June 13, 2012