A beautiful wondrous person who sits on the sidelines of life awaiting for their glorious journey to begin, though since their to shy they wait for someone to show them the way.
Look at her, why isn't she dancing?

Because she's a wall flower awaiting for someone to invite her.
by WalllFlower27 June 05, 2014
1) A person who has no one to dance with, or feels shy, awkward, or excluded at a party.
2) Someone who remains on, or is forced to the sidelines of an activity.
"He's a wallflower, you see things, you keep quiet about them and you understand."
by ListOfPerks January 25, 2013
someone that's shy but extremely adorable and outgoing once people get to know them. They also have passion for music
Hey do you guys see that guy other there?
Yeah, does he even come here?
Yeah, he's a wallflower, you guys need to meet him!
by Sunmonn January 05, 2014
Someone who is quiet,not anti social and friends do not come easy. They usually know everything going on but says nothing. Most likely always on guard because of something in the past. A wallflower are attractive to guys, but usually a turn off to girls. Favorite hobbies are mainly writing,or being outside.
by wallflower23 October 20, 2013
Somebody in the background. Not attention-getting at first glance. Like part of the wallpaper.
That group of girls in the corner looks like wallflowers.
by Jay mo zee September 05, 2009
Someone, usually a teenager who observes other people and how they interact. He or she who is a wallflower may seem antisocial, but probably just wants to fit in. These people are very smart, have strong emotions, and try to understand people. Wallflowers look for friends, and might have a few good ones, and might not. They often want to fit in with other teens, but realize they are too socially awkward to really fit in. So he, she or they would stand on the sidelines, observe others, but are too afraid to let their awkwardness show.
I consider myself a wallflower. I am mostly lonely, but once I get to know people or if people give me a chance, I can show who I really am, and I can show who I truly am, a nice and not-so-different person.
by npk143 January 31, 2016
That person at a party who dosn't talk to anyone or anything, (s)he just stands there, watching, being antisocial.
Look at her, she is SUCH a wallflower.
by justyournormalunnicorn April 23, 2016
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