A male in a public place such as a bar or club that stands against the wall instead of talking to females. Usually the male is holding a drink or on a mobile phone.
James: "Drew you need to stop being a wall banger and talk to some chicks. Next thing you'll be headed home to go to bed."

Drew: "I wall bang because I lack confidence and I'm waiting for a model to walk in this bar in the middle of the ghetto."
by Jayredbull October 01, 2016
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When you're on someone's Facebook page holding a conversation with with a totally different person than the owner of the Facebook page....and the owner of the page is nowhere in sight.

See also: Wallbanging
I've been commenting on "so & so's" Facebook wall for so long & he's not even here!!!!!! That means I'm a wallbanger
by MeowMeows September 01, 2010
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It is a drink with mixes Red Bull and Vodka.
"After drinking too many wallbangers, he threw up on himself but not before having the best night of his life"
by Matt March 07, 2005
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Short form for Harvey Wallbanger

2 parts vodka
1 part Galliano
Fill with Orange Juice
Person 1: What are you feeling like man?

Person 2: Lets go grab some wallbangers.
by L3gendary October 21, 2012
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