The popular dance performed by single white men everywhere.
Hey, Melvin's doing the wall dance.
by Lucas December 20, 2004
Top Definition
1) the dance performed by someone using a wall to aid their balance when too drunk to stand on their own

2) to perform a series of sloppily uncontrolled movements, typically the flailing of limbs and other extremities while leaning on a wall, as the result of binge drinking
Jesse: "Shit... Eric's wall-dancing again..."

Jason: "Nice. I gotta see this..."

Eric: (leaning against wall) "Ayyyy.... Iiimdooonnnjussss... *mumble-mumble*... shots... *mumble-mumble*..." while spilling his drink and hiccuping...

Jason: "...Hmm... I don't think he's drunk enough. Grab the Patron"

Jesse: "He drank it all"

Jason: "Oh. That explains the wall-dance..."
by RedHawkViper February 07, 2011
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