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Voted best fish wrap 15 years running. A "newspaper" that thinks it's still 1875. Hey dumbfuck, you ever hear of a camera. Put down your pencil, it's the 21st century.
The Wall Street Journal has no crossword. What a worthless rag.
by Poster Nutbag June 20, 2003
38 51
A very elaborate and advanced newspaper that is available everywhere. It contains articles about business as well as current events. Overall, an excellent paper.
None of you dumb fucks read the Wall Street Journal because it has no cartoons or color. Shit, just shit!
by sean June 19, 2003
76 39
A newspaper that is read by those interested in buisness and stocks.
My Dad, who owns lots of stocks, often reads the Wall Street Journal.
by anonymous June 18, 2003
40 26
High class shitrag newspaper catering to a bunch of little office-dwelling fucks who light their cigars with hundred dollar biils.
Sloan scanned the Wall Street Journal looking for the company she ass-rammed on the stock exchange yesterday.
by Ebeling June 23, 2003
52 41
Adj. To dress or carry oneself conservatively.
Me: Adam dresses well.
Gogo: He's not metro, he's more wall street journal.
by Kopiomadness March 05, 2007
22 18
A good chick magnet.
I read the Wall Street Journal at a bar and picked up a few chicks.
by Bozo123 September 11, 2005
23 28