when a person of the opposite sex frequently posts flirtatious messages on your facebook wall; the facebook equivelant of eye fucking.
Steve: dude i think stacy wants me.
Rick: yeah shes been blowing up your facebook.
Steve: I think shes wall fucking me.
by thug money June 26, 2010
Top Definition
1. When a guy holds a girl under her ass against a wall, and with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, proceeds with rapid pelvic thrusts.

2. Wall fucking, its usually the way people join the mile high club.
I held Cindy against the wall and we were wall fucking all night....it was incredible.
by joelockelovesthecock January 02, 2006
to fuck a bitch that you don't like, from behind, while slamming her head into a wall
I had a hot ass English teacher that was a total bitch. I wanted to give her a serious wall fucking!
by BrianW July 10, 2003
to fuck a hole in the wall....also known as a penguin
i was fucking the wall last night when my dad came in adn said it was his turn...so i bent him over and gave him a good long fucking in his loose asshole
by dave stowe....cleveland, ohio April 16, 2003
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