To engage in the act of smoking methamphetamine. The term is documented to have originated from University Place or U.P. in Washington state. Most commonly used when a person or group of friends are about to partake in the action of smoking meth. Where as they must find an excuse or reason to leave their current " chilling " situation so no one knows what they are going to go do.
Hey man, I could go for another pick me up right now because I don't have the energy to pull another motor. Just go tell " them " that we're going to go walk the dog and we'll be right back.
by PezoCon December 14, 2007
To take a piss.
Hey, I'll see you in a minute, I need to go and walk the dog.
by Dick Splash September 13, 2003
Leading someone on in a relationship. Intentionally sending "forward" signals in a relationship when it is known that nothing will come of it.
"Wow, Jon has been walking the dog for like two weeks now!"
by Your Mom April 23, 2005
1)to do an amazing yo-yo trick
2)to urinate in a toilet or in your pants, hey whatever floats your boat
3)to dance like an idiot
1)Whoa! Sweet Joey just walked the dog
2)Whoa! Sweet Joey just walked the dog and now its dripping on my freaking carpet
3)look at that idiot over by the bar walkint the dog he should be put to death
by t-radical squared May 11, 2005
to vomit
i don't feel so good, i think i'm gonna walk the dog all over the place.
by bethany lisa April 07, 2004
A term used to mean "go smoke some marijuana (weed).
With buddies or to get away from mother
Hey mom- were going to "walk the dog" be back in a hour!

You guys want to go "walk the dog"
by "Al"bert Einstein May 20, 2016
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